Good, Not Great. And No Gloating.

Election Day is over. And the news is a Republican sweep of the House and Senate. The days of the Reid Regime and cronies seem to be at an end.

elephant&donkeyThe news is good. Not great. As for all the Republican squawking about victory and “saving the country,” here’s an admonishment: Do NOT gloat.

IMG_8715fThere is nothing—at least, very little—for Republicans to show and share to the America public, whose votes are far more a sign of disgust with Democrats and Obama vs. their love of the Elephant Party.

What’s this got to do with public relations and communications? Everything. Let’s start with The Message.

The Message.

Communicators evangelize their clients to have a clear, concise message that offers differentiators and competitive advantages. In politics, the message is dubbed a platform. Yet for most—especially the low-information voter—Message is everything. Or nothing. I’ve yet to hear a clear message from the Republican Party. What do they stand for and represent? What are they willing to fight for, based on philosophy, conviction and constituency? Millions are spent on advertising yet The Message is muddled and misdirected. Instead of hope, change, vision, truth, passion and purpose, The Elephants drum up drama, attacks and negative finger-pointing. Granted, The Donkey Party does the same. Be it a political candidate or chief executive, The Message must resonate, then create desire and action. Positivity is powerful. Crapping on competitors isn’t good communications. Or good politics.

The Walk.

If you preach it, practice it. Don’t lie. Don’t hedge. Don’t master the English language so that positions and practices seem vague or vacuous. Say what you mean, mean what you say. In politics, this is all but lost. Money and power have sapped them of conviction and clarity. Has the same happened in your organization?

The Rest of The Story.

For those of us who hate big bureaucracy and growing government, there is a sliver of hope that the United States can shake off the tomfoolery of a six-year national debacle called Obama. But just a sliver. Elephants like big government too, with limitless spending (and terms)–and increasing encroachment of states’ rights and individual liberties.

Regardless of party or politics, our nation—the people, you and me—must decide the future. More indebtedness? A federal leviathan of regulations and requirements? A move from free-market capitalism? Whether Elephant or Donkey, the zoo must be reined in, held accountable. Reformed. Revised.

As communicators, we must be willing to stand up and share The Message that matters, be it individual or corporate. Be it conservative or liberal, or left or t, we must be true to ourselves, our clients and constituents.

We must say it share it, walk it.

Live it.


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