IE, Chrome & Firefox: Why Mozilla is the Master

“The battle of the browsers continues, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer losing market share to Google’s Chrome and others, while analysts predict a sub-50-percent dip for IE as early as March 2012. Counting all versions, Internet Explorer dropped to 51.9-percent market share in December according to Net Applications, ComputerWorld reports, with Chrome ending the year at 19.1-percent. However, Microsoft maintains that the most important number to consider is the growth in IE9 installs on Windows 7.”

Maybe browser users are beginning to understand. Maybe not.

The report also says: Chrome has gained most of what IE and Mozilla’s Firefox lost this year, boosting its numbers by 8.8 points in 2011. Firefox, which dropped three-tenths of a point during December and 1.9 points for the year, ended 2011 with 21.8%, a new low. Firefox will lose its second-place spot to Chrome in March if the two browsers keep to their current Net Applications’ trend lines.

Damn. What’s wrong with people? Chrome, IE or Firefox? You’re kidding me? We can take IE out of the mix immediately. This browser’s the equivalent of a dancing elephant, fat and slow. Chrome? My kids swear by it. Its simplicity and speed are its ultimate value, they say.

As for me, Firefox is the El Dorado of browsers. It’s not simple or always speedy, nor is it fat or slow. But there’s not a browser within 2,961,112,156 miles or more (That’s the distance between earth and Pluto.

Why the loyalty and applause? It’s never failed me. Updates are more rapid that Windows Updates, and less annoying. And its greatest advantage is the developer community and add-ons. Tell me, do other browsers offer hundreds of different features—ancillary to just browsing—to benefit its users? If so, tell me. I don’t want to be ignorant.

For example, when I’m using Firefox, I can immediately see all my bookmarks at the top of the browser for instant point and click (Multirow Bookmarks). I’ve got rolldown Google Shortcuts, and I can tweet directly by typing into the URL box. One cool add-in is the Color Picker. When working on graphics or websites, it scrolls over a web page and automatically tells me the html colors—and RGB. All in one click.   Two others? Flashkiller and MeasureIt. The first clears out annoying flash ads; the second allows me to measure images or columns on a website.

So why be a Chromehead or IE Idiot? Switch. Change. Find joy. Fulfillment. The best of the browsers.


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